The Paranoia Surviving Guide

Sad and Brutal, but True.

How many times you got WOWzed after dealing with paranoid people on Second Life? residents thinking are rock stars, gods or something special enough to make you stoping your SL tasks and activities only to “following” them? when in fact you nor knowing them, all you can see is paranoia, people thinking too loud are all that special, when are just bugging the mind of other people with their drama and fail mind games.

I think the paranoid residents are worst than the classic trolls or even bullies, these ones really beliving all the SL is conspiring against them, spying them, following them and similiar paranoid things, but i need tell you that is high possible ourselves doing something wrong attracting these kind of people near us, or inside our IMs like a plague. Therefore in order to living a healthy and mind secure life on SL, I wrote this so simple “Guide” that shall work for you too.

In order to living well on Second Life, running your business in peace, enjoying your time on SL or simply living secure and outside of the paranoia, consider Keeping Away or even Ignoring the following sort of residents, never forgeting you are NOT obliged to supporting, socializing, interacting or feeding their paranoia.

  • Bag of Troubles – People are all time bringing their RL problems, worms and demons to Second Life, constantly living some kind of problem or are part of some trouble, generally these kind of residents can try sharing their pain with you, the major times including you in their troubles on SL too.
  • Rock Stars – A sort of mental condition going ahead than the simple Role Play on SL, these guys really think all the grid is spinning around them because are too many special or even over the whole rest, sooner or later will start geting paranoid thinking that are being stalked, someone is spying them, all the people are conspiring against them and etc, generally complete unknown residents thinking or beliving in their own characters into the Role Play.
  • The sandbox Lawyers and psychiatrists – A common sort of resident you can find on sandboxes around all the SL, are always ready to pointing and judging only your faults, considering themselves smarter and over everybody, or even defending someone was attacking you with a HUD no reasons (generally their own alts), forcing you to agree that you are a dummy target and them are right, generally are people living a out of control life on SL but the major times a sad life in RL, mens getting spanked by their fat wives, womens blind obeying their disabled husbands, dealing with kids using drugs or making sex with the pedo neighbor for money to purchasing mesh body on SL too and etc, therefore coming from a life totally different than the life are forcing us to belive on SL, if you want peace of mind consider keeping away of these people, you are not Jesus or God to helping them, they are nor looking for help.
  • Second Life Gurus – Always smarter than you, selfish people full of the classic “i do”, “i have”, “i can” and etc, so wonderful mesh modelers building a cube with 200 land impact, scripters building a HUD with scripts found on Web selling it on marketplace per 200 million L$ as an definitive gadget of the Gods redemption, constantly bugging your mind forcing you to agreeing they are perfect, never fail, knowing everything and everybody, if you are not planning to support people with the ego hurt or without any ego consider finding most healthy friends.
  • The Eye of Sauron – shady residents, living in the darkness, chatting with you from a parallel dimension where they are powerful and can destroy your world on SL, their words NEED causing fear or are not satisfied, residents are constantly threating others of ban, using small mouths to making you belive them are Linden alts, from the FBI, NSA or etc, everything to making you belive need be careful with them, generally are just stupid kids in RL watching too much Game of Thrones and similar stuff, turning the SL into their private madness playground, consider just laughing loud, ignoring and moving away.
  • Mafia bosses and the Queens – Eccentric residents role playing like bosses, queens and kings generally caring other residents with intolerance, they are better than you because are able to renting a 117 prims micro land, purchasing a 10L$ Fedora hat or a mesh head from some bankrupted store on SL, but they are better than everybody… These kind of residents generally are  people just collecting Welfare spending their money on SL while the RL kid is in the cradle crying without the milk, while the wife is working like a slave when the husband is making sex with pixel dolls on SL, or even womens in their homes basement using Slink on SL acting like a diva while the kids are on kitchen burning the whole house or running with scissors, the SL is full of mafia bosses and queens, but if you are not planning to support people fooling with your mind while them destroying their own lives and family, is to time to run away.
  • The worthless Investigators – I can bet sometime on SL someone was trying to find things about your RL and private stuff, the major times happening without your agreement, people running crazy to find who are your alts, what you doing on SL and RL and similar bullshits, this is top of their paranoia, are people unable to trusting their own shadows on SL because are constantly getting fuc*ed in RL, thinking that everybody is just some alt of another one planning to fooling and kidding around, many times this residents can even using illegal ways to finding your IP and things related to you real life only to be sure you are not a alt, playing a lot of mind games with you and accepting any rumor or gossip about you and your privacy, stupidity? ofcourse … who is mental disturbed enough to keep the life investigating the life of others caring everybody like criminals? ofcourse the people without a useful and heathy RL to living, run away the faster you can! The major problem is when them gathering into a group of other paranoid residents to start planning things against you, in many cases these people are really beliving can hurt or even removing people from SL using their RLs against them, pathetic …, there is no place for “shame” on SL a time nobody cares, the major epic scandal will be forget in less than 2 weeks and everybody will back to their own lives. Dont get paranoid if you finding that someone is digging to get things about your RL, sooner or later them will get banned from SL and you will stay there, relax and avoid that kind of disturbed people on SL.

Ofcourse there is a lot of different residents on SL, but every 100 residents only 2 are designed to be your good friends, 1 of them maybe even your best friend, the 98 others are generally random people coming and going, frustrated or banned from SL, but during their period on SL many of them are just working hard to poking you butt, the decision of feeding paranoia, bullies, stalkers and etc is all your, only you can choose and decide if want living in a healthy SL is building to you or feeding the disgraced lives of many, tolerating the stupidity is one thing, being part of that is another thing totally different, is up to you…

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  1. Harley Schylo

    in response to the last fail attempts of some people starting bullshits with me …

    Well, if i´m considered as an Sociopath only by not joining their shitty mind games, by not attacking people at sandboxes only for fun, by not agreeing that we all are equally losers, only by not starting gossips to hurting people, just by refusing to join their stupid dreams on knowing who is A and B in RL, if by all the things them forcing everybody to doing together them or similar them, so i need assuming loud and proud that Yes, so i´m a Sociopath ….

    … shhhh nobody cares, i still being littleharley.

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